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Are all of my debts dealt with in a Debt Management Plan?

Yes, all of your unsecured credit and non-priority debts are dealt with. This includes personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts, catalogue debts, etc.

Other types of debts must be given priority because of the serious consequences of not maintaining regular payments. You must continue to make these payments yourself. Examples include your rent or mortgage, any loan secured against your property, hire purchase agreements, council tax and utilities such as gas, electricity and water.

When your financial situation is assessed, suitable allowances are made for you, so that you can afford your priority debts and your day to day living costs before any money goes towards your creditors.

Is a DMP Right For You?

A Debt Management Plan can be a way of paying all of your creditors using a single monthly payment.
If for instance your debts around £11,000 and you could afford to pay £110 each month then the Debt Management Plan would last for aproximately 8.3 years.

A Debt Management Plan is can be very helpful if you need only a solution for short term ; e.g , if you were selling your house in a few months and then paying off the majority of your debt in the months to come.

Debt Management Pros and Cons

We do all the work of writing letters and contacting all your creditors for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

There is one single payment to make every month – this will be to the Debt Management Organisation – and the company that makes payments to each creditor. You don’t have to pay different companies. Only a single payment will be made.If we organise the DM plan properly there will be no more Interest or charges.We do allthe work of writing letter and contacting allyour creditors for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Debt Management Process

Being in debt can cause illness without having creditors knocking on your door.

By deciding to enter in to our debt management plan you can relieve the stress and worry of having to contact the creditors because will do that for you. This will mean that no one come kicking at your door for any money as long as you continue to pay in to the debt management plan.

Are All Debts Dealt With?

Yes, unsecured creditors and all non secured debts are covered with us. This will deal with personal loans, short term lenders credit card, catalogue payments, overdraft, etc.

Other secured debts must be given priority or e.g you could lose you home. You can’t stop paying your mortgage . Other payments include your rental , any secured lending against property, HP agreements, local council taxes and those awful utilities such as power and local water authorities.