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Declaring bankruptcy can be a daunting task and finding the correct information which is relevant to you can be frustrating. If you want help filing for bankruptcy in the UK, even if you live abroad, then we can put you in touch with Industry Professionals to assist you.

You can either complete an enquiry form or contact us directly to arrange a consultation.

Typically, as part of the assisted bankruptcy service, an advisor handles all the necessary paperwork, notifies your creditors, helps you obtain a new bank account (if need be), books your court date and provides you will all the information you need to know.

There are restrictions that will be placed on you once you declare bankruptcy, and some occupations which are excluded. Bankruptcy can be beneficial if you have no assets, don’t own a property, and if the restrictions don’t adversely affect you.

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Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

It could be that bankruptcy is the most suitable debt solution for you.

You may hear that bankruptcy should be considered a last resort, and that you should try an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), IPP (Informal Payment Plan) or DMP (Debt Management Plan) first, but this isn’t always suitable. What’s right for you depends entirely on your circumstances as these are all solutions to the same problem, but tackled differently.

Bankruptcy Assistance Service

You may find that you would benefit from professional help in completing your Statement of Affairs and Bankruptcy Petition.

From the time that you decide to apply for a bankruptcy order, to the day that you are declared bankrupt, you may seek assistance in order to keep your creditors and bailiffs at bay. In addition, performing your own research into bankruptcy often results in receiving conflicting information, depending on the source(s).

Effects of Bankruptcy

After you’ve sought financial advice, you can either file the required paperwork yourself, or use the help of a Solicitor, Insolvency Practitioner or Bankruptcy assistance service to take care of everything.

Professional guidance can ensure that all Court paperwork is completed, creditors are kept at bay, legal action is averted…

How to File for Bankruptcy

You will be instantly free from debt and no longer held responsible for any previous debts.

It will be a new start for the whole family so that you build a new life without worryand stress a normal life which you can enjoy. None of your creditors can come knocking on your door execept those who are secured after bankruptcy.