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Filing for bankruptcy in the UK is an easier process when you have professional advice and guidance. The circumstances that surround your current financial situation, the amount of debt, your assets and sometimes your occupation are factors that will determine if this is the correct course of action that you need to take.

Petition yourself or use a bankruptcy service?

You can ask your local court for the necessary paperwork to apply for bankruptcy, but may find that you would benefit from professional help in completing your Statement of Affairs and Bankruptcy Petition.

From the time that you decide to apply for a bankruptcy order, to the day that you are declared bankrupt, you may seek assistance in order to keep your creditors and bailiffs at bay. In addition, performing your own research into bankruptcy often yields conflicting information, depending on the source(s).

Professional help filing for bankruptcy

You can have complete peace of mind and positive results for a fair and affordable cost with any one of the reputable experts on our panel.

If bankruptcy is not the most suitable choice for you we can find a more suitable alternative for you.
Complete an enquiry form and an advisor will call you back. Alternatively you can call us and arrange a free consultation.

The Bankruptcy Process

The following can be completed on your behalf:

  • All of your creditors notified of the situation.
  • All necessary paperwork, including the bankruptcy petition will be completed.
  • You can be lead through each step of the process.
  • Help is available for you to obtain a new bank account.
  • Support following your bankruptcy.
  • Disruption to your life is minimal
  • Typically discharged from bankruptcy after 12 months