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Is a Debt Management Plan right for you?


A Debt Management Plan can be a way of paying all of your creditors using a single monthly payment.
If for instance your debts around £11,000 and you could afford to pay £110 per calendar month then theDebt Management Plan would last for aproximately 8.3 years.

A Debt Management Plan is can be very helpful if you need only a solution for short term ; e.g , if you are going selling your house in few months and then will be able to pay off the majority of your debt in the months to come. Other than being a short term solution, a Debt Management Plan can be useful for anyone who can pay their debt by changing their budget priorities, but wish to keep the same lifestyle.

A Debt Management Plan is effective if:

  • You are unable to meet your current monthly debt repayments.
  • Your situation is not serious enough for bankruptcy.
  • Every month, you can afford to pay £100 towards your unsecured debt repayments.
  • For people who have lots of equity in their properties but do not want to remortgage or take out a secured loan.
  • For people that owe money to only one or two different companies.
  • For people who do not want their wives, husbands, partners or spouses to find out about their debts.

If your debt problem is a little more serious then you should consider another option.

What do you need to do?

Seeking professional advice is the best way forward. You can complete an enquiry form and we can arrange for a qualified advisor to call you back. Alternatively you can contact us directly to arrange a consultation.