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Harrogate County Bankruptcy Court Information

Attending Court will be the final step of the bankruptcy process. Prior to phoning the Court and arranging a time and date to apply for a Bankruptcy Order you first need to assess what you can do.

Bankruptcy will clear all of your current unsecured debts, but in doing so it will remain on your Credit History for 6 years, which can have an impact on your future borrowing during that timeframe. An alternative type of insolvency is an IVA, which often can be best suited should you have equity to protect, or a career that is excluded from bankruptcy.

If personal bankruptcy certainly is the solution you're looking for, then the necessary documentation will eventually be filed at your local County Court.

For those living within Harrogate we have included the court details below. You only need to contact the court if you already have everything prepared, including your Statement of Affairs and Debtor's Petition, and you are ready to finalise the Bankruptcy Order.

To arrange a consultation you can complete this online form, and an experienced Advisor will be in touch to assess your situation and advise you accordingly.


2 Victoria Avenue
Harrogate North Yorkshire

DX 702098 Harrogate 3

General Contacts

Switchboard 01423 503921
General Fax 01423 528679

Opening Times

Court building open 8.30 am
Court building closed 5.00 pm
Court counter open 10.00 am
Court counter closed 4.00 pm



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